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10 Tips on How to Choose Healthy Food

It is no secret to us that choosing healthy foods is associated with lots of benefits. It is important that everyone of us encourages health


Project Partners:

  • ANUgreen Sustainability Office
    Outreach and Education
  • Sustainability Learning Community,
    ANU Organic Garden
  • The Dirty Beanstalk
    Gardening and Greening Crew
  • Gardens & Grounds (Soil Yard),
    Australian National University
  • Canberra Environmental Centre
  • Australian Centre on China in the World
    ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Fellow Urban Farmers:

Markuz Wernli


Aspiring Soil Maker
Project Initiator

As an artist dedicated to food and collaboration, Markuz creates participatory projects that bring environmental issues into a tangible experience. These include “Growing Radishes With 30 Families” (Kyoto, 2009), and running a “No-Menu-Restaurant” (Seoul, 2010). He is currently the digital research manager at ANU's Australian Centre on China in the World.

David Freudenberger


Research Ecologist and Lecturer
Scientific Advisor to TNRP

Dr. David Freudenberger is a research ecologist and lecturer at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, The Australian National University. His research expertise includes herbivore digestive physiology and nutrition. Between himself and his agronomist father, they have over 70 years of experience in compost processes and organic fertilisers.

Social Organisms


Magic Transformers of Organic Matter
Project Associates of TNRP

Microorganisms are microscopic, living, single-celled organisms such as bacteria. Ubiquitous throughout the world, microorganisms play a vital role in supporting and maintaining nature and life. Although some bacteria are harmful, the vast majority are not harmful and are in fact beneficial. Without bacteria, life would not be possible.